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I’m Paige.

An integrative, emotions-based subconscious practitioner, professional writer, author, yin yoga instructor, and international award-winning speaker dedicated to helping you access your innate and infinite healing power and potential.

Paige Frisone

I’m really glad you’re here.

Because let’s be honest. It’s hard to show up at times. It’s hard to juggle responsibilities, health, family, friends, finances, food, work, and rest. Too many of us live in a state of survival. But that’s the program.

So it can change—if you want it to.

Let’s just get this out of the way right now…

There’s nothing wrong with you. Whatever drew you here, know you’re safe to explore all of those parts. And we’ll do it together. I’m here to help you learn how to recalibrate your entire system. Whatever your pain points—internal or external—we locate and shift them to attain and maintain sustained wellness.

Together, we work with what I call the ‘inner protectors’—the subconscious, involuntary patterns that signal depression, anxiety, addiction, chronic dis-ease, you name it. Symptoms stem from unprocessed emotional roots. Address the weeds for a completely new landscape.

I approach trauma as a universal experience (though nuanced and varied for every person)—stagnated memories and their associated emotions, which we all have subconsciously—signal dis-ease. Together, we locate and integrate these imprints on a cellular level to sustainably upgrade the bioenergetic field.

You don’t have to understand these concepts just now to inquire about working together. My approach is educational and I will offer thorough resources to guide you. My multi-modal approach is informed by neuroscience, modern science, vibrational medicine, and transpersonal psychology.

I welcome all walks of life, backgrounds, and belief systems with a compassionate, and passionate heart.

You might be wondering what I do or how I can help.

If anything in you is resonating so far, trust that. I’m not really here to tell (or sell) you my way, but to walk alongside you as you discover yours.

Know that our journey together is equally heart and science-based. I can’t will or wish you into wellness (as much as I’d love to), nor can I educate you into it. If I could I would, but that ultimately wouldn’t be of service to you.

Our journey can be as content or non-content-based as you like. I guide people through an intricate process that requires minimal information about your healing history.

I am not a therapist and this isn’t talk therapy. As much as I respect, appreciate, and have studied that work (truly—ask me sometime), subconscious healing can benefit both those in therapy as well as those who feel conventional therapy doesn’t, won’t, or can’t work for them.

To access the subconscious, we use Applied Kinesiology, or Muscle Reflex Testing, as you might with a chiropractor, to dialogue with the body’s innate biofeedback system. We never use it to override your intuition, but it can help you drop deeper into it.

Here, we dialogue with a different part of the brain than you would with cognitive therapies, as this invisible part is responsible for our thought patterns, symptoms, dis-ease, emotional / behavioral patterns, and life stress.

The subconscious drives 95% of your life experience. Anything you experience that you’re not consciously choosing is subconsciously rooted.

Lastly, the work we do together is not designed to treat, cure, or diagnose any infirmity. It is, however, an effective and comprehensive process to help you shift the exact original imprints living in the archive part of the brain that keep showing up in present-day.

The subconscious is never an enemy. It’s wicked smart. You are brilliant for the ways you choose to survive and brilliant for the ways you don’t.

Ultimately, journeying to and through the subconscious jumpstarts the beginning of the rest of our lives.

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You desire positive changes with your health, relationships, finances, and life circumstances

You've tried countless other wellness modalities and long for something effective

You seek greater clarity in your life direction/purpose

You're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

You're ready to live an empowered, intentional, high-vibrational life

You're ready to manifest your dreams and activate your infinite potential


Yesterday was unbelievable! I felt amazing, and that feeling continues into today. I had the craziest dream seeing sparking nerves/neurons up close last night.



Truly amazing! For someone with weight issues, I feel light as a feather!



So grateful for you. Don't know where I'd be at this time without your support. Truly...This year has internally been so intense. I am so so grateful for your support with the sessions, energetically, and just in general. I love you.



I'm so excited and grateful to have met you. I used to have such hopelessness... There are so many people that could utilize your expertise and process... I'm handing it over to you.



This is your calling and I know you are going to help so many beautiful people and help them realize their true potential in the world... Infinite love and gratitude.



You are an amazing human being and the work you're doing is truly recalibrating the earths natural frequencies. Which is SO NEEDED. We need more people like you in the world.



After my first session with Paige, I knew it was something my body, mind and spirit were absolutely craving... Our work in this practice together has changed my life in multiple ways. New relationships are blooming, old relationships are being transformed and new avenues of making money keep presenting themselves. I would encourage everyone to try the LifeLine® Technique. It will change your life in ways you didn't realize you wanted...



If you have not experienced the genius of Paige Frisone, I highly suggest you RUN to do so! Thank you Paige for holding such a beautiful space for me. This is the best I've felt in a good long while. I am grateful for your presence in my life and community. I am connected to my divinity feeling effervescent trust!



Oh my goodness ~ I just had an absolutely AMAZING session with the bright light who is Paige. Wow! What an incredible heart-led command of technology Paige possesses.


North Carolina

In the 40 years I've been a consumer of alternative therapy modalities, my LifeLine® sessions with Paige were among the most effective in alleviating my chronic symptoms. Her gentle guidance and skillful facilitation allowed me to experience profound healing, beyond that which I ever expected. Thank you, Paige, for sharing your gift with me. You are absolutely the real deal!

Dr. Ellen Abell


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