A bit about me...


The depth and diversity of my life experiences fuel my passion to help those who desire wellness and a way to navigate the shadows. My work with clients – as well as my creative & professional writing – is inspired by the complexity of our innate intelligence (the forgetting and remembering of it). As a heart-centered empath and creator, I aim to transform the growth, health, healing, and recovery processes into ones that are pleasant, accessible, and valued by all.

Things I’ve harmonized with The LifeLine Technique®:

A 10 year-long battle with:

Body dysmorphia / body image challenges
Severe depression
Anxiety & other mood disorders
Food intolerances
Low-to-no self-esteem
Chronic skin conditions
Ineffective prescription medicine (currently med-free for 3 years!)
Dependency on conventional therapies / treatment center models
and so much more.
If I can do it, you can too.

Ready to change your life?