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Paige Frisone
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A bit more about me...


I'm a self-growth enthusiast who feels that healing can be a pleasant experience. After losing a decade of my life to an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, and ineffective prescription meds, I've experienced firsthand the non-linearity of health and healing. In hindsight, I believe that both Western medical protocols dismiss the influence of the subconscious mind and its role in healing. The depth and diversity of my personal, academic, and professional experiences fuel my life missions. The forgetting and remembering of our truth is part of life's journey, but we can do so with grace, compassion, and softness. As a heart-centered practitioner and creator, I aim to transform the healing and recovery processes for those who are ready for change.

Fields of specialty:

Worth wounds & mother wounds
Addictive behaviors
Depression and anxiety
Nervous system regulation
Spiritual emergence & emergency
Peculiar diagnoses and medical mysteries

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