• Discovery Call

  • $0

  • 20 Minutes

    In our initial consultation, we get to know each other! I inquire about your past and current health resources as well as discuss the intents and purposes of our subconscious healing journey. We co-create a plan for how this process can serve you and proceed to discuss next steps.

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  • New Client Session

  • $285

  • 90 Minutes

    This comprehensive session gives us time to discuss expectations and orient to subconscious healing principles and tools. Using them, we will embrace a complete 16-step journey into the subconscious. Afterward, we process insights and takeaways at the end and formulate a customized, action plan.

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  • 90-Minute Session

  • $285

  • Need a massive shift? Feeling destabilized? 90 minutes gives us ample time to clear recent and ancient triggers to shift you into the next best version of yourself.
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  • 75-Minute Session

  • $240

  • 75-minute sessions are a beautiful way to experience a full subconscious journey with additional time for customized steps to help integrate and implement your new frequency. Highly recommended for those needing a little extra support.
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  • 60-Minute Session

  • $190

  • In this time together, we harmonize mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual programs, patterns, and behaviors that signal present-day stress. We honor the chronology of the subconscious as it reveals which root memories and trauma are ready for cellular upgrades. For some, this can feel like a faster-paced session.
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  • 1:1 Writing Coaching

  • $222

  • 60 Minutes

    Need clarity for your personal, professional, or creative writing projects? Together, we hone in on executing impactful work with curated intuitive facilitation ranging from brainstorming and exercises to nuanced editing, to fine-tuning grammar and enhancing flow. Aspects of this work often involve addressing conscious/subconscious wounds as well.

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My Money Philosophy

My rates are based on the belief that money represents an equal energetic exchange.

Keep in mind that the work we do is intricate, comprehensive, and most often expedites healing in comparison to years in therapy.

I’m aware that finances have associated emotions attached and those themes can also be brought into session. My intention is always to offer my services to anyone desiring deep healing while also respecting the need for congruence and alignment in my practice.

In honor of keeping health accessible while honoring the cost of operations, if these rates aren’t manageable (yet), I do have limited availability for discounted rates and payment plans. Let’s chat!

Writing Coaching Rates & Other Inquiries

Writing project rates depend on the time, energy, rigor, and research required. These details are discussed prior to our work together. If you are seeking mentorship for producing your own writing material, my rates are the same as above.

If you would like to hire me for a freelance project, I do have a ballpark rate that can be negotiated depending on the aforementioned things. I offer free consultations for new client inquiries and look forward to connecting with you!

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A Note from Inner Realm Wellness LLC

While I envision a world where this goes without saying, I, and Inner Realm Wellness LLC, respect all sexual orientations, spiritual, religious, cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds. Often, what’s conditioned into shame, perceived difference, and “otherness” is the exact avenue to healing.