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Whether for personal or professional projects and no matter the subject — I always infuse psychosomatic language into my work and strive to make dense and complex principles easily digestible.

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Subconscious Wellness: Unlocking Emotional Healing on Hello You (June 2024)

Unleash Your Potential: Paige Frisone on Mastering Life’s Magnetic Pulls and Inner Flow with Holistic Success Coach, Bea-Marie, on 52 Weeks of Flow (May 2024)

Stories of Hope with Functional Medicine Doctor, Melissa Rose (May 2024)

Healing Unprocessed Emotions and Dis-Eases, The Subconscious CEO Podcast (Apr 2024)

Healing Beyond Prescription on the EMPOWEREDbyWMN Podcast (Mar 2024)

Leading According to Your Unique Gifts with Carmen Paredes on Leading Intentionally Podcast (Mar 2024)

Harmonizing Life: The Subconscious Road to Contentment with Mindset Coach Jane Wareham (Feb 2024)

Get Sh*t Done Podcast with Julie Jones (Dec 2023)

Ripping Off the Band-Aid and Getting to the Core Issue: Unhealed Emotions with Chaitali B. Desai on the Soul Mastery Podcast (Nov 2023)

Healing Through Words with Raimonda Jan on the Women Thrive Podcast (Nov 2023)

Thriving Through Anxiety with Poli Sevcikova on the Gentle Leaders Podcast (Oct 2023)

Creating Your Business Oasis: Nurturing Body, Mind, and Spirit for Success with Julie Butler on the Building a Beautiful Business Podcast (Oct 2023)

Unmasking Generational Patterns: Epigenetics and Subconscious Healing with Carmen Benton on the Living Intentionally Podcast (Oct 2023)

How to Use Your Subconscious to Heal Trauma and Dis-Ease with Christine Williams on Soulful Abundance® Podcast (September 2023)

Behind the Bite Podcast with Paige Frisone and Dr. Cristina Catagnini (September 2023)

Breaking Chains: Triumph Over Anorexia, Mental Blocks, and Past Trauma with Deshaun Williams (July 2023)

Sustainable Subconscious Healing on Curious About Recovery with Kirsten Hunneyball (June 2023)

Bringing the Invisible to the Visible for Sustained Health and Wellness on Awaken and Ascend with Jennifer Regular (May 2023)

Why Breaking Habits is Essential with Joe Matz on Entrepreneur Journeys (May 2023)

The Missing Link in Healing Protocol: The Subconscious Mind on Chatting With Wisdom with Rollie Allaire (April 2023)

Accessing Your Inner Wisdom with Sarah Grace (March 2023)

The Hidden Keys to Your Health, Your Subconscious Mind with Endre Hoffmann (March 2023)

Mindset Revolution Podcast with Raquel Soto (March 2023)

The Missing Link in Health and Wellness Protocol with Dr. Beverly Lawrence (Feb 2023)

Reducing Stress and Accessing the Sub-Conscious Mind with Dr. Mort Orman (Feb 2023)

Episode of Elian’s Joy with Elian Haan, (Feb 2023)

Women in Business: From Self-Doubt to Self-Love, Positive Impact TV, with Julz Vitality (Feb 2023)

Interview with Certified Life Coach, Theresa Minnoch, on Subconscious Health (Feb 2023)

Epic Engagement Adventure: How Paige Frisone Uses Heart and Science to Engage Her People, RJ Redden (Feb 2023)

Holistic Approach to Sustainable Healing Using Integrative Healing Methods with Raimonda Jan (Jan 2023)

Interview with Peggy Ouellette, Family Medicine Psychiatrist (Jan 2023)

My Overcomer Story, Unscathedable with DeShaun Williams (Jan 2023)

Discerning Energies Around You with Paige FrisoneEnthusiastically Spiritual with Teresa Shantz (Jun 2022)

Interview with Paige Frisone, Women Thrive Magazine (June 2024, p. 14)
Shedding Light on the Mental Health Blindspot: The Subconscious Mind (May 2023, p. 20) Women Thrive Magazine
On Healing Trauma Sustainably, (Feb 2023, p. 11) Women Thrive Magazine 
Achieve Self-Sustained Wellness Through the Power of the Subconscious Mind, (Jan 2023, p. 42-43) Women Thrive Magazine
Boulder Subconscious Specialist Talks Groundbreaking Mind Medicine Practices (October 2021) About Boulder
Is Online Dating a Heart-Health Hazard? (Jul 2020) Health Journal
Grieving the Loss of a Matriarch: Walking in Nan’s Shoes (Feb 2020) Rebelle Society
What Lives Below Words: Improve Your Silence (Feb 2020) Rebelle Society
What It’s Like to Struggle With Self-Love As Someone With Anxiety (Jan 2020) The Mighty
Why I Can’t Pitch An Idea To Magazines (Jan 2020), Rebelle Society
Let Your Body Move You: Feel Your Feet to Foster Flow (Jan 2020) Rebelle Society
Nature As Adult Playground: At What Cost? (Jan 2020)  Rebelle Society
Bring Intentionality Behind BreathWORK to Each Breath (Dec 2019) Rebelle Society
Things I’ve Learned of Love as a Seven Enneagram (Dec 2019) Rebelle Society
When Your Calling is More of a ‘Bark:’ How Seekers Find (Nov 2019) Rebelle Society
From One Millenial to Another: We Can Break the Rules of Our Tribe (Aug 2017) Elephant Journal
I’m Tired of Empty Astrology Promises & Moondance Madness (June 2017) Elephant Journal
A Healthy Way to Lean Into Our Not-Okayness (Jan 2017) Elephant Journal
Recovery Road: My Journey into Anorexia and Back (Oct 2014) Elephant Journal

Inner Solar (Feb 2022) Spit Poet Zine, Vol. 11, Energy 
coping, Projector: (n). a thing that projects, a project, a person, an object (Oct 2021) Anti-Heroin Chic 
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